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>well i started this a reply to a comment .. but this was getting too long .. and turning into a intersting point

WB.. u r a writer .. and a very good one … i’m not .. i’m a reader/lurker (whaterve u like to say πŸ˜‰ ) … i really dont understand what is bad in puting something from another blog .. giving credit to the person who wrote .. even link it …… am i not the one who is appreciating his/her writing if i post his/her work somewhere where more people can have a look at it ? .. “people who done “roam” arnd that much in the blog world”

i statred this blog abt 6 months ago .. and i still havent figured out what to do with it !!!! …. i have a blog link folder on my browser in which there are about 50 links to various blogs .. and out of those i visit abt 20 regularly ( techie and personal both) … and on those i find everything that i ever wanted to write.. an i sometimes find the same topic in a diffrent way on two blogs πŸ™‚ .. yes there are some personal experincees that people share .. which are mostally meant for people they know in real or are close to the area in which they are living … the only things that can be “branded as original” are poems (like urs) and stories (like rohans) … … and techie blogs are never original .. they just put some news they read somewhere .. and add their comments over that . …

i have put some jokes/thoughts/pics on the blogs… which i regulary get in mail .. .. here i dont even credit anyone … cos i dont even know who wrote it origianlly !! …

i also read this line on a blog … ” that guy just picked up my post .. dosnt he have any blog ettiquette ” !!!!! … is there a rule book for blogs !!!????????

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