>all my unmarried dudes/dudees … first go and read 2 of wonderbugs* recent posts (with comments) .. and then go read delhibrat’s* recent post ( with comments ) .. u’ll get a laern lots of things ( and get more topics to debate :)) ) .. .. and then when u finish thinking abt what they have written then … just to cool down … go and read vivify’s* recent post

well now my comment on this πŸ˜€ ( i didnt post it on thier blogs cos when 2 married dudes are debating/fighting … its better that unmarried people just shutup sit down and learn πŸ˜€ ) … this is something really classic .. have seen a lot of people go through this .. what i think if u get these things clear in ur mind .. before u “settle”(hate when i say this word) down … these things might not come up .. ( yeah yeah i know i know .. its easier said then done … and i’m not commenting on if bug/brat did that or not !!! )

and now when i come to think of .. mera number door nahin :O :O :O :O :O :O :O !!!!

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