>Right or wrong

>Don’t know what to say abt them … most of the “personal” blogs that i sometimes stumble on are very by people who are very depressed !!! … and they write so long stories abt how bad is there life … who is doing wrong with them … just cribbing cribbing cribbing (bmsa is not one of them šŸ™‚ ) … some of them look like ” boss yeh to gone case hai ” .. now according to people blogs is one way for them to let out their anger/frustration/whatever … but isnt it also the thing that reminds them what is going on in their life , everytime they see the page … doesnt this add to their anger/frustration/whatever .. and also … dont they make the people who read their blogs depressed !!! ..

blogs by “hopelessly in love” girls … man thats a 1 big !$#$!@#$ … dont even want to start on that … cos i have to end this post and do something !!!!


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