>mooozik :)

>nostalgia time 🙂 … this is a long one ..

we moved to a new house some days back .. and till now i never got the time to unpack a lot of my things and set my room ( lazy me 😉 🙂 … well last night i did … and i saw a lot of things that i used to like and still most of them 😀 … and the one of them is my cassesste (aka cstes) collection … and i have a huge collection …abt 500 of them .. ( i consider it huge :P) …

.. and while i was putting them in order … i was pretty amused by what all i have … i remebered the time we used to buy all those cassttes … we means .. me and fym bhaaji .. both of us used to go and buy casttes together …. never bought the same cste … we have a music taste thats wiiiiiiidddddddeeeeeee … and we have almost the same music taste .. so buying together was never a problem .. and then if he had bought the cassete then i would record the songs i really wanted to be with me … and he’ll do the same if i buy one .. and at other times we’ll just pick the cassete from other persons rack and take home to listen .. and then there were times when we used to pool in money to buy one cste … and from this i remeber … Bhaji “no doubt” is with me 😀 … .good old days ( hey … i’m not that old 😛 :)) )

now abt some of the cste that made me smile when i saw them .. a-ha crying in the rain, milli vanilli blame it on the rain, tubthumping , london boys,are u jimmy ray, vaniila ice, snow, smantha fox … and i was kinda laughing .. man wow :)) ..i was listening to all that 🙂 … and i dont mind listening to them again now… i’m listening to “blame it on the rain” as i write this … then there is metallica , nirvana, stone temple pilots… roxete, arrested development,ace of base.. and then there are some pretty amazing hindi ones too including some really good classical collection 🙂 … my first jagjit singh cste… i bought “in search” (Rs. 45 .. first time cobalt tape !! ) … and then .. those punjabi one .. chankata , bhagwant maan , daddy ji ( this was the name of one of the songs )!!! :))

and now abt the songs in those cstes … now this is something i’m kinda proud of …i have a lot of recorded csts… and i can tell u which song is in which cste!! .. yup .. my friends used ask me abt a song and i give them the cste .. dont have to search 🙂 … ( yeah yeah go ahead say what u want to 😛 ) ..

some intersting trivia 😀 … remeber purani jeans by ali haider… the song that kinda became a big hit a few year back .. well i can tell u that it came a lot of year before it actually became a hit .. it was an HMV release i bought that casste in 1993 for Rs. 22 ( the printed price is rs 25 )!! .. this was from his second casste .. the first one being “chahat” … really good cste.. and from that i remebered the cassete store from where we used to buy … nice motu dude … used to give us a discount on the printed price …

and the fact point goes for many songs … like ace of base , stero nations and many more … why .. cos i have a dude in canada who used to record the songs that were available there and not here..( this was much before all those companies came .. there were only magna sound or poyldor like that fro english music).. and then send it to me .. so i got to listen to all those songs before people made them a hit here .. people here have a strage way abt what kinda music they like to listen… i used to give some of these songs to my college friends and they would say .. ” abey kya kya bekaar gaane sunta rehta hai ” .. and then months later when they see it in a video on difrent channels .. and it comes up on “TOP 10 charts”.. they’ll see wow what a song .. and they wont even remeber that they have heard the same thing a long time back !!!

i can go on and on and on when it comes to music 😀 … so lets end it here today .. i still have to unpack half of my cstes so maybe when i do that i’ll write more …

P.S. what i was listening yesterday … botlan sharab diya akhan teriyan … by bally sagoo bhaaji .. and today it back to “crying in the rain” and “blame it on the rain” and “tubthumping” :))

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