>early mornings :)

>i hate waking up early in the morning … but when i do come early to work, i really like the drive to my office … i like it cos it makes me remember time when i was in school 🙂 …. boys and girls playing at the stop waiting for thier buses while thier moms and dads talk abt how bad is that teacher or how bad is the bus wala or whos child is doing good and whos not etc etc etc etc etc etc …..

and then the bus .. all the big boys on the last seat .. some of them stading at the foot board 😀 .. playing/fighting, watching the road and u know what all 😉 .. the girls mostly at the middle seats discusiing “whatever” !!.. .. and the yng kids .. right in the front with “mam” .. their little water bottles and heavy bags in their laps 🙂 .. and the “mam” busy talking abt everything but school with the others “mams”!!!!

on the road … uncleji’s with 2-3 boys/girls on one scooter … moms , carrying the bags of thier liitle ones , walking towards the school dicussing “whatever” with other moms 🙂 … boys on their “Bikes”(also known as cycles) making their “moves’ :)) ..

and when i pass some schools… i see the rush to enter the school “on time” … parents watching their children from the gate, walking towards their “path to education” 🙂 !!!

and i just keep on smiling all the way … nice way to start the day 🙂

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