>some facts on someone :)

>this is the “truth” abt Mallika “murder” Sherawat

1. The name change, not because she fought with her parents, but because she wanted a distinctive-sounding surname

2. The built-up past of a “small town, middle class girl” when Reema/Mallika really came from an extremely affluent family

3. The reported news about her parents being angry with her for her “daring” when in reality her father claims that things are hunky dory between them

4. The fact that she claims to be from the town of Rohtak in Haryana when in reality she was born in Narwana(doesn’t sound so cool does it?).

5. That she studied at the well-known Delhi Public School, Mathura Road(not exactly the school for “small town middle class girls” from another state) in Delhi for 9 years

6. The fact that she married and divorced a Jet Airways pilot called Karan Singh Gill while she herself was an airhostess and sought to hide all this from the film industry after berating all other actresses for not being frank and bold!

and look what his father said

Mukesh Kumar Lamba is a puzzled man. “I don’t know why my daughter keeps saying she’s from a middle class, small-town family” he says. “Ours is a top Jat family. When we asked her, she said, ‘Papa, filmon mein yeh sab kehna padta hai achchi publicity ke liye”

Lamba senior seems mildly amused when we mention that his daughter has also said that he is so furious with her career choice that he no longer talks to her. he says. “I guess I have to understand when she says she needs to say these things to get media attention.”

and CNN says Mallika is the youth icon !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ..

i read this on jivha… who got it from sid… who read it on indian express.. who should i crdit this to ;).. btw .. the full express article is http://www.expressindia.com/fullstory.php?newsid=31255

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