>fun !!!

>this is what we did last night

me walking down the street to get some thing .. and my phone rings .. “sid home” it says on the screen .. i push the green button ..

me: haan vele

sid:kab aa rahe ho

me: kya time hua hai .. sid:7

me:8-830.. stand on the gate and wait for us :))…

and then vela talk for abt 5 min .. me ended with saying .. chal aa ke baat karta hoon

15 min later me at raj’s home .. for a while me taking ganje ki photographs 😀 .. ganja here is the 2 year old bhatija of raj :)).. bechare ka abhi abhi mundan ha hai :))

then call sid at 8 .. “haan be .. hum chal rahe hain .. be there at 8:30” .. at 8:15 we finally move 😀

8:25 .. call sid just after modi mill flyover ..

me:kahan hai be

sid:paas mein

me: theek hai ticket le le .. hum bhi pahunchne waale hain

sid: kahan ho tum..

me: apolo hospital 😀

sid: ok

8:40 we finaly reach .. as we enter the mall .. sid standing on the 4th floor call .. me standing on the groung floor tell him on the phone ” abey neech kood jaaa .. jaldi pahunch jayega :)) ”

he comes down and we do our gale milo .. marna pitana .. as usaul .. right there in the middle of centerstage mall 🙂 .. .. and then think .. “abey khana kahan khana hai !!!”

one look at the mall and we see no hope of getting a seat anywhere !!! ..

then we turn arnd and there we see a new restaurant .. that was not open the last time we were there .. “taste of india” .. but it was also full of people !! .. no space at all .. but cos this was the new thing .. we decided to give it a shot ….. we enter the place and search somehow to get a place to sit .. or even stand .. where we can eat .. !! .. and as we were standing and waiting … and waiting .. nothing happend .. but we decided.. aaj to yahin se khaa ke jaana hai !!! .. so lets order .. and we’ll see if we can get a place after that .. so off went raj .. to order .. 1 dosa,1 chole bhature,1 pao bhaji , 1 aalo chat and 3 cold drinks .. finally the food arives and we still dont have a place to sit or stand :(( .. but as soon a helper there see us … he comes and tell us to satnd at that counter cos not many people come there 😉 … we say “wowo .. thanks” :).. our helping angel 🙂

and the food is ..mmmmmmmmm .. tasty … yup .. the place is good ..

so after eating allllll that …. we finally move out of the place .. and raj says ” abey ab jagah nahin hai … bhai lets go out for a walk.. fir aur kuch khaanyege” .. so we went out and just sit on the grass talking everything but work 🙂 .. talks like .. “if this electricty wire will 10000 v of current breaks .. then we will still be safe .. cos the wire will fall down on the side .. the only problem would be that we’ll have to spend the night right here till somebody fixes it :))”

then after some more vela talk like that .. sid says abey its 9:40 chalo be .. so we go back inside the mall .. and we see one more new thing .. a kwality walls shop 😀 .. so we went and had a HCF 😀

and by the time we finished the hcf .. it was movie time .. so we rush to the 6th floor .. and enter the hall to see “hellboy” ..!! …

we never see a movie at PVR now…. we always go to waves .. the theater is good, the seats are good…. big with lots of leg room…. and cos there were not many people in the hall .. u can strech ur legs the way u always want to do 😉 …. and thank god for that .. cos the movie was not so good … the special effects were good .. but nothing more then that … after the movie ended the the first thing i said ” sahi vele log hain .. and vela paias pada hua hai” .. this was the first time in abt 4-5 years that we didnt liked a movie we went to see on a hall.. the last one was “casino” …

the movie ended at abt 12:15 .. so as we came out of the hall thinking we will get some cofee .. but barista was closesd .. but when we were moving out we saw nescafe was open .. me rushed to the door .. just in case he might also be closing .. and got 3 frappes …

aaahh … cool cold coffee ..:) .. then we dropped sid .. he’s going to australia on 25th for 6 weeks so more gale milo before leaving.. … 😉

and then we started back to my place … and the first song on fm at that moment was “ek ladki ko dekha to aisa laga” … wah wah wah wah 🙂

on the way i talked to bhaji .. the time was abt 1am .. hes going to the land of harley .. was waiting at the airport 🙂 .. good nice talk with bhaji ….

and so with all those nice songs playing … we reached my home at arnd 1:15 … talked to raj for abt 15 min there .. enter home at 1:30 .. got ready to sleep … ahhhhhhhhhhhhhh …end of a good nice day/night … .. again a sunday 🙂

well thats the way u can have fun …the way u want .. if u want to 😉

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