>hmm … another day another call

>yup .. this time it was my “masad ji (H)”

H: oye papa phone kyon nahin chuk rahe ?

me: pata nahin uncle

H: ghar da number vi chage ho gaya hai ?

me : hanji uncle .. likho (tell him the nu,ber).. ki hoya uncle .. koi zaroori gal ?

H: kuch nahin yaar . teri hi gal karni hai

i literally slapped myself and remebred why he asked me my date of birth / height/work /education !! #-o

me : uncleji tusi vi .. yaaar tusi panga zaroora laina hai ?

H: le tera viah nahin karna .. changa .. mein ghar phone karna

here we go again .. the loop starts again .. mom will tell me to come i’ll say no.. trying to avoid it somehow someway … finally mom will win .. i’l have to go .. then i’ll try to freek out my uncle by sayin “i dont want to do it for another 1-2 years.. i have to establish..blah blah blah “ and all he’ll say is … “oye viah karva ke establish ho jaayi”…me will try more to convince him .. but he’ll not listen … mom and my cousin will say ” budhaa ho ke viah karenga ? .. koi kudi nahin milni ” .. and i’ll say ” tusi meri chinta na karo” :)) … and then i’ll throw one final weapon …{secret weapon stays secret}.. bhaaji says works like a charm .. so lets see if it actually does … bina kuch kiye .. i’ll be free ..

but if it does not work .. and i got what i was looking for .:D .. then then then … i’ll have to delete this post !!! … :)) .. (eat my words is something nobody does .. and this is something i can do !!! )

hmmm … beta ready for the battle again !!

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