>i read this post at http://khotta.rediffblogs.com and had to post it here again .. cos i liked it 🙂 .. if khotta comes here … “dude .. very nice story :)” .. this is “bhagban with a twist” ..

There was this Old Man whose wife had died, but who had two sons.They were both married and lived in two seperate houses.Obviously the Old Man needed to be taken care of, and being taken care of was what he had going for him.Apparantly, for whatever reason the family had come to an arrangement wherein the Old Man would live in one son’s house for a month and then live in another son’s house for the next month. This way both the sons would take care of him and no one son would get overburdened with too much responsibility.

once it so happened that it was the month of Feb….that had a day less. On the last day the Old Man had gone to one his Old Friend’s house. He got tied up in the evening and thought that since the day is almost over, he might was well go to his other son’s house whose turn it was to keep him for the coming month.

When he got there, his daughter-in-Law made some remark at him and said that, “Aapko rakhne ka humara time to kal se shuru hoga.Aap aaj kaise aa gaye.Aap kal hi aayein to behtar hoga” , or something to that effect. Obviously the Old Man was quite taken aback and in my opinion he was “STUNG”. Which explains what the Old Man goes and does ahead.

After a few weeks,the Old Man brings home travel tickets which he told were in some old jackpot investment. He sent both his sons along with their families to Goa for 15days and said he could take care of himself for that time.What he does next is downright Bizzare.

Since both the houses were in his name, he disposed(junked,sold off, thikane laga diya, wotever) all the stuff of both his sons’ families and then our Old Man proceeded to even sell off both the houses within those 15days. He bought a small flat for himself with the money and invited a couple of his Old Friends to live with him.You can imagine the surprise, horror, frustation, and obviously the desparation of the Sons’ and their families when they got back home and found someone else living there.

Now this was amusing because seemingly the sons deserved it.It was amusing because unlike most old folk to have to bear such things after naming their inheritances to their children, this Old Man actually went ahead and did something like this.

But it was also sad to see how we see our old folk, our parents…who’ve raised us.Who’ve become a burden and such an inconvenience because they are not useful to us anymore.

and i totally agree with what the old man did 🙂

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