>just for an email account !!!!

>things people are ready to do for a gmail account !!!

“2 lazy programmers (java and .net)”

“A free Papa John’s pizza w/toppings”

“Pictures of real human brains!”

“My first crop of tomatoes I just planted”

“Secret to wealth & The meaning of life”

“sound political advice”

“listen to you brag for 15 minutes”

“1 month “tech support” for relationships”


“Autographed Picture of Irfaan Pathaan!”

“$20 PayPal+Orkut Invite”!!!!!!!!!

“1 date with my wife” !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! u can see this here http://www.gmailswap.com/list/read.php?f=1&i=8691&t=8691

mannnnnn .. i’m amazed that people are so desprate for one mail account !!!!!!!

P.S. u can see the whole list of more amazing things that people offer at http://www.gmailswap.com/list/… read abt gmailswap at http://www.vinspace.com/blog/ 🙂

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