>governing dynamics

>i have no idea what it is (will read abt it today šŸ˜€ ) .. but i saw “a beautiful mind” … again … on star and thats where this came from … this is abt this genius John nash .. and how he overcame schizophrenia to win the Nobel Prize.

now schizophrenia is : A mental disorder that causes a separation between the thought processes and the emotions. Consumers may experience confusion of reality with hallucinations and/or delusions and may become paranoid.

as i watched the movie i was thinking ….. the guy “supposedly his college roommate” … helped him go through his life at college (this is how its shown in the movie )… what if he was not suffering from schizophrenia .. dont know if he could have done so good without his “so called friends” … maybe i’m wrong .. but this is how its shown in the movie ..

another thing i do is whenever i see a movie a have seen previously .. i always find out so many unanswered questions … and so many mistakes in that movie .. cos when i see the movie for the first time .. i normally dont let my brain come in between … thats how i think u should see a movie … u enjoy a movie much much more šŸ™‚

i remeber the diffrence there was when i saw “titanic” the first time and the second time .. the first time ( if u remove the sobbing girls/aunties from the background ) was an ok time pass movie .. but then even though i never wanted to see it again on a big screen… i was forced to see it by some of my college friends(blame it more on the veli girls) .. all i did in the movie was find the mistakes and how bad the graphics were actually …. :)) .. and then in the end u have to deal with sobbing girls … !!!

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