>last night i saw “about a boy” .. its abt a man .. who does nothing .. yup nothing at all … he’s 38 and has never worked … just sits and watch tv and eat and sleep and go to malls to get more food … ok that it self is work :)) .. but he nevr works … he’s living off on the royalty money that comes from a song that his father wrote way back in 50’s …

now for my point .. how can anyone do that … “nothing” .. nothing at all … ok even if i get so much money that i dont have to “work” for money… i still have like so many things to do .. so many that i need time to remebr all those …

and then i this .. reshma wrote this .. ” So I just walked out onto the balcony. Heady experience – darkness all around, and not a soul anywhere, only the sound of the gusts of wind. I just stood there for sometime, and for a change, I did not think about anything – I just let it wash over me. ” …..

this is something i dont think i can do .. there is not a single moment when my mind is free of some topic… something or the other just keeps going on in my mind.. … hmm … … no time for it right now .. maybe some day later

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