>again :)

>yup .. Schumacher won … again : ) )

today was a good sunday again .. wake up .. wayyy late … eat parathe 😀 .. played cricket with mamaji and his 10 year old son in the “afternoon” :)) … eat very very tasty samosas and then see a full race .. this was the first full race i saw this year .. and yes ferrrai is DOMINATING …

have some suggestions for the people who say that f1 is boring now .. (1) .. situation one .. shumacher is on pole .-> if he clears the first corner at top … they should declare him the winner & call him back to the pits .. so that the other can race and dont feel bad that they are so slow .. :)) … just like today .. schumacher was 9 secs ahead after 4 laps …ok ok .. he was on a ligher fuel load .. but the end result is the same he won:) … even barrichello who started 5th ended 2nd …u can see that how good ferrai is 🙂

(2) .. situation 2 .. schumacher is not on pole … then they should wait for the first pit stop .. if schumacher comes out on the top after all the cars have done there pits .. they should declare him the winner and call him back so that the others can finish :))

there one good way to make f1 intersting for the people who say its boring now beacuseof ferrari’s dominance

P.S.-this is how a news report started “World champion Michael Schumacher restored Formula One to normal order when he won the European Grand Prix at a canter as Ferrari claimed their fourth one-two of the season.

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