>filmi .. very filmi …

>we were eating some really good burgers , wraps, macflurrys’s .. and sitting on the next table were these 2 .. a girl and a guy .. now we tried ignoring their talks .. but they were talking so loud that nobody sitting close to them can avoid …. i know bad thing , but what should we do when they want others to listen and u know how close are these seats at a mac …. we cannot leave all that good food/drinks and just go away, just cos two fools were talking and entertaining other people …

oh yes the talk .. apprantly this guy was married and now in love with another girl … and the girl sitting next to him was the friend of that girl … just see a sample of talk .. guy (h) .. girl (s)

h: “tumhein pata hai i love her ”

s: “woh bhi karti hai .. par tum to married ho”

h: “i’ll leave my marriage for her”

s: “phir”

h: “main usse shaadi karoonga”

s: “tumhein kya lagta hai, ek shaadi shuda insaan jaa ke mere ghar pe bole ki mere se shadi karega to kya mere ghar waale man jaaynge”

s: “hum court marriage karenge.. aur main vaise bhi US jaa raha hoon.. to problem nahin hogi”!!!!!!!

and there was also talks abt the money .. the girl belonged to a rich family and the boy was not so rich .. and so there was this EXACT DIALOGUE … ” main use sab kuch provide karne ki try karoonga”

our burgers and drinks finished much before there talks started to hot up and so we left the seat for other people to get entertained …. mannnnnnnn what all they talk … we were thinking “if there was a script writer arnd , this would have been a good b-grade movie stuff for him ” :))))))))))))))))))))

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