>today venus is crossing the sun … and u can see it … now i dont undertand the euphoria over this .. people are saying this is happenign in 122 year .. you should not miss it .. !!!!

i’m pretty excited abt the space and what all it is (been a good student so always knew a little bit moer abt space then others 😉 ) .. .. i have 2-3 very good documentries over it .. IMAX versions !! .. they are really good to see … one is abt black holes and other one is abt “the universe” … that makes some really exiting viewing …

but this .. ?? i dont understand why is it so exciting … its just a small dot that is came between earth and the sun !! .. its not like the lunar eclipse… its just a small dot if u see it on the screen … u cannot eve see it if u loook at the sun !!!

i remeber that last time is got in a mood to see something like this .. remeber the “meteor rain” that happened … me and my freinds took out beds on the terrace just to see it all night .. all night ( i think till abt 3am) we were watching the sky hoping that the “natural fireworks” will happen … but all we got to see were 2 falling stars !! .. there was so much hype about it .. evreybody was on the road/terrace/balcony/whatever .. and as usual Prof yashpal was on some channel giving all details how is it going to happen and how it will look like .. but in the end the result was .. none/zip/nada … so jaa bacche kuch nahin hone wala !! !!!!!!

P.S. again this was not the topic for today .. will come back to that later 😉

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