> never like to stop on red lights … but yesterday i found an intersting stop 🙂 .. a railway crossing !! … yup last night i had the privilege of stopping at a railway crossing .. as usual my first reaction at stopping was “oho .. fans gaye” .. and right next to me was this dude sitting in his “maruuti esteeeem” with the song “sexy eyes” playing at a good high volume .. now two things i hate here .. i don’t like people playing loud music at stops .. and second i dont like people playing old songs so loud and pretending that its the latest thing in the market !! …. but but but .. somehow as i was standing there i kinds liked the song .. maybe it was becuse i was listening to it after abt 4-5 years 🙂 .. so it was intersting not wanting to hit that dude hard !! :))))) … and on my other side there was this mango seller … and i saw “dasheri aam” 😀 yipeeeee so went to him and bought some …

the stop was taking a bit long for my patience … so i crossed the “stop bar” and went towards the station master there … to ask him how long will it take .. he said abt 5 more mins … a frieght train is coming .. hmmm … well i turned arnd and while i was walking back i saw the wires that control all the “bars” there … it was very intersting to see how that thing worked .. i knew/read how some tings works .. but it was intersting to look at it so close .. and as i was walking along the rail track and wires, i saw the train coming … and i stopped right there .. abt 1-2 ft from the rail track .. just stood there .. and then train passed .. wowwwwww .. what a feeling that was … the earth was shaking and the train was just 1-2 ft away from me … !!! … i could have touched the train if i had extended my hands … it was just amazing feeling for me .. i just stood there and let the train pass .. feeling the earth shake and feeling the vibrations in my whole body 🙂 it was like i was riding the train 🙂 … WARNING -> please do not try this urself … cos this is something i do when something in me says “dekhi jaayegi” .. so dont trust that and be sensible 😉

and then the train passed every body just rushed to cross and i decided .. will come back again 🙂

… more to come .. but later … got work to do !!!

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