>please read all the rules carefully

>a few days back i posted something on a Toddlers laws.. well now i have video documented proof of some of those and i learned some new ones too … yes .. my nieces are home … and some of the things that i learned/(reminded again) yesterday

1) your phone is not your property when we are at home!! .. (so taking pics on that is a bit tricky 🙂 )

2) dont try to act smart , just give us the phone when its on the ringtones list , we know how to browse diffrent ringtones (and they are just 1.5 years old !!!!!!!!!!!)

2.a) one more thing .. the ringtones are same as last time .. you cant even get new ringtones … stupid.. (btw me searcing for more ringtones as i write this )

3) the sound effects that an original mobile camera phone makes when u throw it on the floor are much better then the ones a dummy phones makes .. so we’ll stick to the original

4) give us any car , any plane, any doll, any football… but one of our favourite toys still is a spoon and a plate .. any day .. makes some really good sounds effects (much better then those platic ones) whenever we want and whatever odd time of night is

5) mornig newspaper is a very good thing .. give us a sketch pen and we’ll make a modern art painting on it in just abt 10 mins !!!

6) and dont try to act really really smart … we know that the choclate is not in the lower part of the fridge .. its in the freezer stupid !!!

7) and we know how to open a fridge, just pick us up and we’ll do the rest 🙂

8) you are not allowed to sit while we are up and playing with u ….. one option is pick us up and take us outside … or if u have done this 10 time before also then just play right here … dont even dare to think of sleeping before us !!!

9) if we want to play at 3:30 at night .. get up and play !!

10) we are grownup girls now, so please dont try to put things in our mouths .. give us our food in seprate plates , give us spoons and we will eat it ourself.. thanku very much 🙂

well this time they are here to stay for abt 2 weeks 😀 .. yippeeee .. it means two weeks of double fun :)… so if u find me busy , you know where i’ll be 😀 .. and i’ll be learning a lot more new rules and posting them when i get time … (today i got time only when they went for there afternoon nap)

so here we go … if u obey these rules then the reward is lot of laughs and giggles and smiles …. and if u dont .. then .. o o o “UR IN TROUBLE DUDE” :))))) (but me being a good law abiding person i’m normally the good “mama” for them…)

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