>mail talk :))

>well this is what is going on in my gmail account today

mail from R-

so now i have 1000*2 (gmail)

100*2 (yahoo)

1000*1 (rediff)

+ 2 MB Hotmail + indiatimes

this actually means that my decision to sell my 4GB (Hard disk) was correct. Itna to site par free hai jitni hard disk nahin hai !!!

my reply after some in between mails

this is what i have “You are currently using 93 MB (9%) of your 1000 MB.” .. but me got loads in trash now .. gonna clear a lot … so will come down .. but dont worry willl make up to that soon 😀

reply from R

idea open a separate gmail accout for trash only… sooch you will have a account for just keeping trash

and then my reply to that

very very interting 😀 … i think we can sell this idea to a venture capitalist :))))))))))))))))

hum kitne vele hain aaj :)))))))))))))

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