>lucky :))

>1) go to google.com

2) put “surinder” into the search query box

3) and press “I’m Feeling Lucky”

yesssssssssssss .. this is the blog you come to.. first link on google search 😀 !!! .. and to think of it i never told ( asked them to visit) about my blog !!! .. i started this blog as an experiment (vela time pass) when arjun and dev made their blogs .. i was not even putting anything regularly till the time i installed “firefox browser’ and the “blog this” extenstion with it (yeah yeah i know it was available much before with IE too .. but IE was noting new for me and “firefox” was 😀 ) ..

and then one day i made a small mistake of going to a blog from my link from my own blogs ( even putting those links was the part of vela time pass experiment i was doing one day) .. and then “I was TRACKED down” by one Wbug!!! .. . and i was saying ” man who the $%$% is wbug and how on earth did she reached my blog” … i was reading her blog and commenting on it .. but have never given any link .. i didnt realised my mistake till i tracked some things about her (at the moment she’s in bit of a shock about how do i know so much abt her now :))))))) )… and at that time for some very strange reason she put me on her blogroll list 🙂 ..

and now like i’m on links list of 5 diffrent blog .. one of them is certified google ad sense member … dhanwad Sant Harinder Singh Ji F waalian da :)) ( i hope i dont need a server thing .. :)))))))))) ) .. and some of them reach here by doing some strange search like this Search

so now i’m going to do a Oscar Speech kinda thing ( kya karoon waiting in office … for someone whos is “just coming”!!!! )

I wanna thank wbug (the first one to put me on a LIST) .. reshma (whos giving wbug a good fight in the numbers of hits i get from a blog… ) .. Arjun (the amazing dude who writes so well on his other blog that most of the times i need to go to dictionary.com to understand his posts …. :D) .. dev bhaaji { who right now must be saying (if he comes to this point)… hmm saala vela .. i wonder if he knows why i’m so vela today } .. and last but not least Sant Harinder Singh Ji (who called me up and was talking abt something and then said “boss i know .. u didnt linked me .. hmmm ” .. sorry bhaaji .. i told you the reason why 🙂 but see now ur the first link .. on the top 😀 ) … thanku thanku thanku all .. i’m really honoured by all that 😀

P.S. i must stop now.. before i actually scare everyone away .. (but wait wasn’t this what i actually wanted when i started this blog :D) ..man this is getting more confusing ………abey aaja jaldi se !!!!

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